Founded in 2012, UK Guardians has become one of the leading Guardianship organisations. Placing hundreds of students into UK boarding and day schools since. UK Guardians head office is located on the south coast in Dorset UK and has many local coordinators based around the UK supporting children in all of our partner schools.

We offer a unique and bespoke tailored services in all aspects of student guardianship and independent education.

Our main aim is ensuring all students have a safe and enjoyable time in the UK, while reaching their full academic potential.


We are different, we concentrate on the small details. Like all Guardianship companies we will keep your child safe and support him or her in an efficient, timely way. But our commitment extends beyond that to the broader support we will give your child in achieving his or her potential. It might be arranging a quiet host family in the holiday before exams or providing extra tutors to help with homework. It could something as simple as ordering new clothes or going to watch a sports event or performance. It might simply be a question of storing luggage and large musical instruments over the summer holiday. We will always do what we can to ensure life is straightforward and uncomplicated for all.

Our aim is to do what others do but do it better, we all care about all of our students we look after and always go the extra mile.

A Trusted Guardianship

Choosing to study abroad is a very important and life changing decision and it can take time for many students to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. We believe that by developing strong and trusting relationships with the students in our care, they will gain the most out of their experience in the UK. Students’ welfare is a top priority and all students are assigned a dedicated Guardian Angel and given an emergency phone number which is available 24/7.

“I always get warm care from UK Guardians you are always very helpful. I have been focussing on my exams these days, I have got good results in all my subjects” 

Allan L

We are One Big family

Overseas Student In London

We are a family business. With over 40 years combined experience in supporting children from overseas through their educational journey in the UK. Like all good families, a good family business has relationships, communication and shared values at its heart. Our family of staff share our values and passion for the Guardianship service we provide. All at UK Guardians will support and encourage, our aim is to see the children grow and flourish during their time with us.


“I would absolutely recommend UK Guardians! The support is amazing. The help given from transport to visa application to everything else, is incredible!”



Our head office is based on the south coast of England and directed by Helen who is supported by her team responsible for ensuring that the best care is taken of every child under her guardianship. The team will ensure that logistics of travel arrangements are in place on time and keep in close contact with every child to ensure their needs are being met.


Company Director


Global Sales Director


Student and Accommodation Coordinator


Operations and Welfare Manager



Student Coordinator


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Aims & principles

Established in 2012 UK Guardians remains true its core beliefs of being a family run business and that all its guardianship student become part of the family. Every student has their own Guardian Angel who is their first point of contact through out their study in the UK. A UK Guardians Guardian Angel is more than a guardian, they are a mentor, friend, confident, advocate, and emergency contact. Guardian Angels will visit their students twice a year and attend parent’s evenings when requested by parents.

UK Guardians are committed to keeping all their students safe, to providing a supportive environment to maximise students’ success and to provide a home from home when needed during holidays and EXEATS.

UK Guardians will be there for parents and student’s whenever you need us 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Our Policies

UK Guardians are AEGIS (Association of Education and Guardianship of International Students) to Gold Standard. This accreditation ensures that our practises, policies, and procedures are inspected and audited on a regular basis, therefore guaranteeing UK Guardians will all ways act in your child’s best interest.

Please download our policies below.