Opening up your home to become a host family with UK Guardians is a unique, rewarding, fun and educational experience for all the family. It gives families a chance meet new friends and appreciate learning and sharing differences in cultures and languages.

Welcoming an international student to your home will allow them to experience maximum immersion by living as ‘locals’. Also, hosting a foreign student gives them the opportunity to understand and experience British culture.


It’s a great opportunity for our students to engage and experience British culture with a local family. Also, there is a chance for you as a host family to learn a different culture as well as meeting new people without leaving your home.

Meet students of all ages from all over the world

Competitive rates – earn cash from your spare room, paid directly to your account

Teach students about British culture and you’ll probably learn from them too.

Teach students about British culture and you’ll probably learn from them too.

Our staff are contactable at any time of day or night via our 24/7 emergency phone number.

Host juniors or adults. You are not obliged to take every student offered; tell us your preferences and availability.

“I thoroughly enjoy hosting through UK Guardians. The team is friendly, approachable, and understanding. The staff keep me updated on student arrivals and answer my calls when I have questions. My husband and I have hosted for 2 years and being a musical family, students have enjoyed playing the piano and guitar while they stay with us” 

Domonique B – Host Family

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you do not travel home during school holidays or your school has EXEAT breaks then you will need a host family. UK Guardians will arrange that for you.

UK Guardians will arrange all transport for you. You will have a choice of either a taxi or a UK Guardians driver.

We will provide you with a number of host family profiles based on your students profile and you can choose the family you feel best suited to you.

We will arrange an online meeting with you, the host family and a member of the UK Guardians team so you can meet your chosen host family.

Many UK families have pet cats and dogs. If you want a host family without pets we will arrange a suitable family for you.

All UK Guardians host families will have a single room for each child staying with them. Each room will have a study desk and a wardrobe for clothes and bags. Many host families have shared bathrooms, some have ensuite rooms. We will do our best to meet your requirements.

We will always ensure that the host families we recommend to you will meet any dietary requirements you have identified. There may be an additional charge for specific dietary requirements.

In the unlikely chance that you do not like your host family, we will move you an host family that matches your requirements.

This dependant upon location and length of stay. The daily average charge is £50 per night.