Gold Standard, Educational Guardians for International Students Studying in the UK

Whether you are a host or a student needing guardianship in England, UK Guardians are here to support your journey.

Educational Guardians for Overseas Students Studying in the UK


Weather you are a host or a student needing guardianship whilst in England, UK Guardians are here to support you through your journey

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UK Guardians are experts in providing student support to international students studying in the UK with over two decades of experience.
We hold gold standard accreditation from AEGIS, BSA and British Council for our holiday programmes.

Day & Boarding School Guardianship Service

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Our professional guardianship service provides peace of mind to all parents with children studying in the UK. We also offer a lighter specialist service for those joining a UK University under 18 years of age or coming to the UK for the first time.

We offer an expert placement service into over 400 independent boarding and day schools. With two decades of experience, we can help you find the right school for your future growth and academic excellence.

We also offer top-quality holiday courses for students staying in the UK during the school holidays. 

Accredited, British based guardianship agency

Ensuring your child’s safety & welfare

Currently there is no legislation in the UK for the guardianship, protection, and safety of international students studying in the UK. Parents should be aware of lower priced guardianship providers offering accommodation over holidays and exeats.

If you don’t choose UK Guardians to look after your child, please select an AEGIS Gold Standard accredited or BSA accredited guardian. Your child’s safety and welfare is our priority.


We are a team of Educational UK Guardians working on behalf of overseas students and their parents to arrange British education,  accommodation and activities along with support for all parties.

Support for Your Child

We are here to give legal, emotional and logistical support during term time and holidays.

Parent Communication

Our team will keep you notified of your child's progress and important events.

Host Families

We have 100's of carefully vetted English host families to accommodate your child.

24 Hour Support

We work with over 400 independent schools offering an exemplary British education.

Activities, Events and Adventures

Our team are experts at arranging tours, social events and fun activities in addition to their schooling.

Day and Boarding School Guardianship Service

School Placement Service

Holiday Courses