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If you are passionate about international education, the development of young learners, are a professional provider that puts the learner at the centre of what you do, then we want to hear from you. UK Guardians are always looking to expand its partner network and explore new opportunities globally and in the UK. The UK Guardians team has over 50 years of combined experience working in the international education at all levels and is ready to work with you.

I have worked in international education for over 20 years, both in the UK and overseas and I am always ready to explore new opportunities. If you have a passion for international education I would like to hear from you.

Mark Bloodworth | Global Sales Director

AEGIS Gold Standard

UK Guardians are an AEGIS Gold Standard accredited guardianship provider, and we would be delighted to work you to support your students.


UK Guardians are always looking for agent representation across the globe. If you are a responsible student focussed agent representative who puts their students at the centre of the business, we would like to work with you. UK Guardians have high standards for the support we offer, and we expect the same for our global representatives.

If this is you, please email [email protected]

Schools & Colleges

As challenges increase in student support with the growth of transgender and mental health awareness, and the post pandemic on education, UK Guardians are rising to that challenge.

In recent years, UK Guardians have closely supported students who have been in a transitioning stage/ have recently transitioned.

These students have received restrictions and challenges with boarding house accommodation. Therefore, we have provided them with a supportive and inclusive host family environment, so they are able to continue their academic journey.

If you have students who need that extra level of support or wish to grow your Day Boarder numbers, please email [email protected]