Host Families

Currently there is no legislation in the UK for the guardianship, protection, and safety of international students studying in the UK. Parents should be aware of lower priced host family providers offering accommodation over holidays and EXEATS. If you don’t choose UK Guardians to look after your child, please select an AEGIS accredited guardian. Your child’s safety and welfare is our priority.

Your child’s safety and well-being is at the core of what we do, I can’t emphasise how important it is to work with a Gold Standard accredited guardian. As a parent I know the importance of ensuring every child is safe and taken care of as if they were my own. We do all the checks you would do if you were in the UK”

Helen Herridge | Company Director


We work with lots of different types of host families but they all provide a high level of care, attention and support whenever you stay with them. They are interested in supporting an international student just like you and want you to feel at home and join in with their family life.

Careful Recruitment Process

UK Guardians believe choosing the right host family is as important as choosing a school. It is easy to assess a school’s performance through league tables, rankings and exam results. It is not so easy when selecting a host family but by using an AEGIS accredited guardian like UK Guardians parents can remove many of the worries.
All of UK Guardians host families are carefully vetted to AEGIS gold standards. This process includes: 

Telephone Interview

Families undergo an initial telephone interview to assess suitability.

Application Form

Families must complete a detailed application form, covering all household members.

Household Visit

A member of the UK Guardians team visits each family home. Essential living conditions are assessed to include: fire and gas safety, car and household insurance, living and study spaces along with access to bathroom facilities.

References and DBS

Have had an enhanced DBS (criminal record) check on all family members over the age of 16 years old. An enhanced DBS check uses the national police database to identify if any family members have criminal members.


Your home away from home!

If you stay in the UK during weekend breaks (sometimes called leave outs or exeats), half-terms or holidays, then you’ll stay with one of our friendly host families.

You might stay with one host family during your entire time in the UK, or you might stay with different families over the years. It all depends on what you prefer and on the availability of our hosts.

Some of our hosts are probably around the same age as your parents; others might be younger or older. Some have their own children who will quickly feel like your own siblings.

Whichever family you choose to stay with, they will all do their best to make sure you are safe, happy and successful!


UK Guardians will ask all new students studying with them to complete a personal profile so we can match them with a host family that matches them in terms of hobbies, interests and personal aspirations.

Before your arrival to the UK, you will be provided with a number of host family profiles for you to choose from and in most cases, we arrange a meeting so you and you and your parents feel comfortable with your choice and you are then able to feel comfortable for your first visit to them.

Many of UK Guardians host families have been working with us for over 12 years.